Blaufränkisch Goldberg & Rosemary

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Eine unwiderstehliche Kombi. Unser Blaufränkisch Goldberg 2018 zu einem rosa gebratenen Steak vom heimischen Rind mit Bratkartoffeln und Rosmarin-Kräuterbutter – gewürzt mit unserer Weintraubenkernmischung Rosmarin & Meersalz. Harmonischer geht es nicht!

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Blaufränkisch Ried Goldberg Mittelburgenland DAC 2018

An old location with a catchy name. Goldberg was mentioned in documents as early as the 13th century as the best location in Deutschkreutz. A Blaufränkisch with a very special charisma. A wine that reveals its homeland, exudes charm and is at the same time clear and long-lasting.

Grape seed spice grinder rosemary & sea salt

Healthy spice mix not just for wine lovers: whether with roasted meat, ratatouille or to refine vegetable dishes. Freshly ground, this spice goes well with everything the kitchen has and can be perfectly rounded off with our Blaufränkisch Goldberg.

Ingredients: rosemary, sea salt, grape seeds
Filling quantity: 100g

Please note: When the wines are delivered, they are repacked in a transport box for safety reasons. The gift packaging will be sent separately.