grape seed


The spice mixture of thyme, grape seeds and sea salt goes well with lamb, chicken, stews, legumes and vegetarian dishes and a glass of siglos or maestro! … or simply with high-quality olive oil, good white bread and a fine glass from the house J. Heinrich!


Grape seeds are considered to be one of the richest sources of OPC. According to scientific studies, their antioxidant potential is almost 20 times greater than that of vitamin E and 50 times as potent as the antioxidant power of the famous vitamin C. Both – grape seeds and vitamins – work synergistically and heat up each other to ever new achievements. Grape seeds therefore protect the skin from oxidative attacks of all kinds. Especially because they bind the building material for healthy skin, collagen, and thus can restore the elasticity of the skin. Skin enzyme activity is also promoted resulting in increased protection against UV radiation.

After the grape harvest, my two daughters Julia and Anna separated the grape seeds manually from the pomace and then allowed to dry gently in the sun.