Nomen est omen – name is omen, the entry level wine in our portfolio. Our fresh and fruity Blaufränkisch with elegant spice selected from youthful vines. A red wine that also benefits from being served slightly chilled, and is enticing with every sip.


This black grape is THE leading variety in Mittelburgenland. It grows on the deep, loamy Deutschkreutz soils that give it a ripe fruit character and mineral spice. Our Blaufränkisich is remarkably distinctive.


The Siglos single vineyard forms part of a site with old vines planted with forty year old Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch vines. Our blend also shares the name of the vineyard and is matured in small oak barrels. The wine is seductive with its refined character and delicate fruit elegance, and promises drinking pleasure right from the beginning.


Red wine as an art form. Blaufränkisch displays an intense fruit experience. The ripe, supple tannins give the wine a distinct character, and maturation in small oak barrels bring subtle integrated toasted notes. A clear expression of our Mittelburgenland vineyards.


The vines are over sixty years old and grow on deep, loamy soils with a rigorous selection of grapes. This is the oldest vineyard in Deutschkreutz, and every year, it brings us a real gem of a wine. A Blaufränkisch with exceptional charisma and a wine that excels in charm and yet is also clear and long-living.


A true winner! Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the circle of taste. The unique blend is hand-crafted new to give a delicate balance of taste, feel and knowledge. The result is a wine with elegance and depth. Every sip is a gratifying composition on the palate.


An old single vineyard site with a distinctive name. The first record of Goldberg as being a prime vineyard site in Deutschkreutz dates back to the 12th Century. A Blaufränkisch with exceptional charisma. A distinct wine that reflects where it comes from, with expressive charm, as well as transparency and great ageability.


Mineral-rich limestone soils are a distinct feature of the Weißes Kreuz (literally white cross) vineyard site. It expresses Burgundy finesse and typical varietal berry characters. Fine aromas of toast and well integrated tannins that make you want another sip. Our old vine Pinot Noir is a real gem, that needs to be treasured.

terra o.

A special name for a special wine. It epitomises the terra oppidorum soil in Burgenland. Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Harmonious blend of indigenous and international grape varieties. Long, gentle maturation in small oak barrels give this wine power and great cellaring potential.


Cupid; Latin for “lustful“. A hand-selected Blaufränkisch from the best Goldberg barrels that is only produced in the very best vintages and the pinnacle of our winemaking competence. We allow it time to mature naturally, and time to become. Every vintage bottled has its own specially commissioned artistic label. An expression of the quality of this wine.


A song of praise for the wine. Two international varieties that ripen on Mittelburgenland’s soil. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend in perfect balance. A rigorous selection of the best casks that mature in small oak barrels for three years. Mineral-rich, powerful and fine. Our elegy dressed in red.


Hand signed and individually numbered bottles. Wine aficionados can purchase a double edition of Cupido and Elegy. Each vintage is individually presented, and is an artwork in itself and these wine-paired boxed sets have already gained collectors status.


Seductive, mysterious, fabulous – this is how we like to present the magical moments in life… and this applies no less to our Rosé Sparkling Wine Magic Moments. Enticing and vibrant freshness with attractive aromas and flavours.

The delicate texture of the bubbles on the palate makes every sip of this sparkling wine a real treat and magical moment.

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